Dear Readers,

Money McBags has been writing dick jokes and providing analysis at a furious pace over the past few weeks and he is in desperate need of a mental health day (well that and a rusty trombone from the uber talented Jennifer White, but baby steps).  He takes the award winning When Genius Prevailed very seriously and rather than provide you with uninspired, second rate jokes (though top notch analysis as always), he is going to take a day to relax and enjoy the view.

Had he written a column today, it would have been overflowing with information such as the market selling off due to speculation from the WSJ that QE2 may not be as big as investors hoped.  Though that news would have been littered with analysis and references to Janet Yellen furiously claiming that in her experience size doesn’t matter.

He would have mentioned that both Bill Gross and Jeremy Grantham got their crotchety on and let the investing world know that they think the Fed is being a bunch of irresponsible ass hats, all while talking up their own books.

He would have discussed that sales of new single family homes rose 6.6% sequentially, though down 21.5% y/y as frictional unemployment has gone the way of a bridge and tunneler’s wet dream (though not all of their wet dreams).  He also would have dissected the data showing applications for mortgages rose 3.2 % and durable goods orders rose by 3.3% (or fell .8% taking out sales of aircraft and thus failed to build on the momentum of last month’s 1.9% rise worse than internet meme’s such as 2 girls 1 cup* failed to build on their momentum).

In small cap stocks, he would have either broken down SMCI’s Q or CTGX’s Q and done it so lovingly and with such verve that it would have warmed the cockles of the great Warren Buffett’s heart (that is if Mr. Boofay found DCF models much less appealing than D or F models).

Alas, Money McBags needs a day to refresh.  The column is taking up an increasingly large amount of Money McBags’ time as he is a perfectionist, so he needs to make sure he finds just the right marginally safe for work picture of Alice Eve while also making sure he can properly explain QE2 and break down small cap stocks.

Anyway, if any of you have thoughts or ideas for how to make the award winning When Genius Prevailed better, other than to hire a different writer, Money McBags would be happy to hear from you.  There is a comments section below or if you would prefer to keep your anonymous name even more anonymous, Money McBags can be reached at (he can also be found on twitter and facebook).  The column is starting to build some scale so if you all remember to tell a friend or 10k, Money McBags will be able to devote more time to breaking down the market in his unique and highly unprofessional way.

To the pain,

Money McBags



*And yes, in a joke about dead internet memes, you got rickrolled.

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