Holy fucking shit.  Money McBags never thought he’d see the day where the award winning When Genius Prevailed turned one, never.  What started as a way to vent, unleash bottled up creativity and love of the finer things, and let the world see how the sausage is made on the buy side in all of its non-glory, self-importance, and flat out luck, has turned in to a cultural phenomenon on par with not marking to market, rainbow parties, and dick flashing.

That said, the award winning When Genius Prevailed has come a long way (like a young Peter North in The Hindlick Maneuver) in the past 12 months.  Just take a look at Money McBags’ first Daily Report, it is fucking cringe worthy but in that drivel was a kernel of goodness and Money McBags has found that kernel and exploited it like a special purpose entity at Enron or as if it were one of Joe Jackson’s kids.

Anyway, in the past year Money McBags has dropped ~250 posts, ~320k words (so roughly half of Tolstoy’s great fucking opus War and Peace, and Money McBags certainly hopes it is the War half), and at ~1 dick joke per 20 words, that is ~16,250 new and original ways to reference Paris Hilton‘s vagina.  That kind of quality and quantity is simply groundbreaking.  And while Money McBags’ writing appeals most to those with insulas and cingulate cortices stronger than Portia Di Rossi‘s breath on a Sunday morning (and yes Money McBags will repeat a metaphor just because it is the anniversary column), it also appeals to those who enjoy reading about stocks, the market, and Brooklyn Decker‘s best assets.

As for the highlights, in the past year Money McBags has given you daily market updates and unmatched small cap analysis including a fuckload of money winning picks such as TMRK, QCOR, DGIT, RICK, CTGX, KITD, CRUS and shorts such as WGO, JOEZ, and COOL just to name a few (and yes he is ignoring MLNK, KIRK, and IBKR for what they have done to him).  He’s done in-depth research that completely ass rapes the sell side and their exploitative and pointless model (pointless for everyone but themselves that is) as well as CEO interviews not only a fuckload more informative than what you will find in a Jim Cramer piece, but with bigger boobs (and yes, finding a bigger boob than Jim Cramer is not an easy task).

Money McBags has covered major domestic economic issues such as QE2, the weak labor market, the Flash Crash, and Jessica Alba‘s consistent refusal to do nude scenes.

Money McBags has covered international headlines such as the Greek bail out, China’s growing pains, Ireland’s bail out, Japan’s stimulus and leadership changes, Europe’s bank stress tests, and the release of Julia Alexandratou’s sex tape.

Money McBags has even launched a political campaign for the BOGUS Party (Bail Outs Give Us Saving), thrown his support behind a burgeoning and necessary political movement, created new words such as cockposterous, renamed standard economic terms such as calling the poverty line the Americans Need Aid Line (ANAL for short), and was the fist to highlight the “hold the shock and hope for no awe” strategy of new claims for unemployment and the rest of the B(L)S data (and the “L” is in parenthesis because as always, it is silent).

But it’s not just finance as Money McBags has tried to get a Facebook Page, he’s guessed NSFW muffs, and he’s loved a whole lot of NSFW strangers.  He’s also brought you the lovely Alice Eve, Hayley Atwell, Gracie Glam, Melissa Archer, and of course Sofia Vergara among others.

And unlike the government, Money McBags hasn’t touched any young boys, downloaded any tranny porn (well at least not for fun), or single-handedly tried to put and end to fiat currency and return the world to the barter system.

It has been a truly bizarre and cockposterous year and Money McBags has created a unique voice to which he eagerly awaits the academic and baynesian statistical breakdown of his writing, which he is sure will include many “fucks” “shittastics,” “vaginas,” “Kirstie Alley‘s,” “QE2s,” “cock knockers” and “Hanna Hilton‘s.”  This writing style has led to him becoming a most recommended blogger at The Motley Fool (though he writes a column and not a blog) and also becoming a contributor at Zerohedge where his work is regularly seen in the top of the page rotation as Lucky Pierre between such luminaries as a guy named William Banzai7 and the booming bust of Reggie Middleton.

Money McBags never thought it would last this long but traffic continues to grow and the award winning When Genius Prevailed is now only a rounding error away from Money McBags’ goal of 1MM visitors (though as always, that rounding error is still 1MM, but the B(L)S approves).

Alas it has not been all lobster tails and hummers (there was also some caviar and reverse cowboys thrown in), and as for the future of the award winning When Genius Prevailed, well, it is really hard to tell.  Unfortunately, Money McBags needs to start earning income soon and while he wishes he could do it by writing this daily column, it doesn’t seem likely to happen in its current format.  So at a minimum, he is going to have to throw some ads up, though ad revenue from single writer content generated sites these days isn’t enough to pay the bills (especially Money McBags’ bill at his local Rick’s Cabaret) and Money McBags hates to dilute the user experience for a few nickels and dimes.

Money McBags has played around with the idea of a subscription service or a newsletter where he would just need 1,000 of you to pay $100 a year (though he’d settle for 1,000 of you paying $50 a year to start and he’d more than settle for 1 of you paying $1MM a year and even throw in a shake weight and an earnings model for free).  This would allow him to 100% focus on fleshing out ideas and writing dick jokes about the market (as of now, he only has ~50% of his time to devote to this, and yes the award winning When Genius Prevailed is this cocktacular without Money McBags’ full devotion).  That said, Money McBags simply has no interest in marketing a newsletter as he enjoys covering the market, following stocks, and writing dick jokes without the headaches of it being work (though he has never worked harder at anything in his life, well anything, except for trying to get a threesome with Kate Bosworth and Lisa Ann).  Many of you have said you would be willing to pay for such a product, but that “many” of you needs to be a “fuck lot” of you before Money McBags can go that route.

The other option is to simply go the fuck back to work, and Money McBags is willing to talk to buy side funds looking for a hungry, motivated, and top notch analyst who can break down small cap companies in the blink of a jizz infused eye.  If you strip the dick jokes out of Money McBags’ analysis (though do so at your own risk), you’ll find it to be as good as anything else out there (Money McBags spent 5 years on the buyside, has an MBA from one of those name brand schools, a degree in witchcraft (better known as Economics) and is a CFA charterholder, though don’t hold that against him), and he’d be willing to do that for the right fund.

And sell side, while Money Mcbags thinks what you do is vile and reprehensible, think about what selling an acutual differentiated product could do for you.  You can keep giving clients the same old boring shit, or you could have something purely fucking original.  Money McBags knows he gets plenty of hits from buy side and sell side firms, so if any of you want to think out of the box (and hopefully it is Lucy Pinder‘s box out of which you will be thinking), drop Money McBags a line, he’s happy to talk turkey, though happier to talk dollars or gold bullion.

Oh yeah, to all of those comedy shows out there, Money McBags basically writes a daily financial Daily Show every fucking twenty four hours by himself and it is a fuckload funnier and more original than the overwhelming majority of shit out there.  He writes dick jokes, they are funny, and he puts up more original content than any humorist in the world.  So lets fucking talk.

Anyway, enough whoring himself out.  The fact is that the first year of the award winning When Genius Prevailed has been an unmitigated success and Money Mcbags hopes to build on that in year two.  Should you have any suggestions, ideas, or job offers, there is a comments section and if you are shy about that, Money McBags can always be reached at moneymcbags@gmail.com.

That said, Money McBags will likely be off until the Monday after Thanksgiving as he needs time to rejuvenate but in the meantime, Money McBags wants to sincerely thank all of you for coming along with him on this strange journey.  Really, he couldn’t have done this without you (well actually, he could have, but what fun would that have been?) and he hopes you all remember to tell your family about the award winning When Genius Prevailed around your turkey day feast.  So tell a friend, an enemy, and especially tell Kelly Brook, and have a happy holiday.

To the pain loyal readers, to the fucking pain.