Money McBags is unsure if he will be able to get his column up today as it has been a bitch of a day for him.  He’d like to say the delay in the column was because he was paying tribute to Bernard B Mandelbrot who was the first to discover mathematical porn, also known as fractals, but alas, it was nothing that interesting.

Money McBags has simply been struggling with computer problems (and more than just his inability to get his browser to go to a site other than the NSFW and just had a fuckload of life to deal with outside of dick jokes, stock analysis, and the lovely Sofia Vergara.

So he apologizes for that and hopes to at least get out his analysis of JOEZ’ Q much later tonight (though how much is there to analyze about a company who grew revenues by 20% and yet saw profits cut in half with a business model that would make even Bernie Madoff cackle with delight?), perhaps a few insights into C’s $.01 eps beat driven by cutting their loan losses (and the sound you just hear was Money McBags puking in his mouth), and maybe even some Christina Hendricks.

So check back later on, or follow Money McBags on twitter or become a fan of the award winning When Genius Prevailed on facebook for updates.

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