Ok, before I get to the days’ market happenings, is there a linguist in the house (and not so fast Dell Hymes fans)?  Seriously, are there any cunning linguists out there to help me understand if Midday is one word, two words, or hyphenated?  I googled it and there does not seem to be consensus so fuck if I know.  I am sticking with one word, but reserve the right to change it. 
Speaking of reserving (and yes, that transition was worse than Chastity Bono’s), Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard (and how bad does it suck to learn you can be a Fed Bank President but you have to be president of the one in St. Louis?  Isn’t that like finding out you are going on a date with a Kardashian but it’s their long lost sister Khlamydia?) was out yesterday saying the Fed should keep buying MBS which has the market all a titter today (Whereas Christina Hendricks has the market all a titter everyday).
Not only has this Bullard guy rallied the market but existing home sales in the US were much better than expectations, so as long as the government keeps giving tax breaks, we’re all good, right?
Oh yeah, commodities are forming their bubble charts (the good part of the bubble, so get in while you can) as the dollar drops lower than Eliot Spitzer’s dignity.  
The market is surging towards its 13 month high and yet the job market continues to go from bad to a little more bad and the economy still waits for the commercial real estate fall (so I am told).  Live it up while you can, if you can, because volatility is likely here to stay.  But for today, it’s all love.

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