Money McBags will not be able to get out a column tonight or likely tomorrow.  He apologizes profusely but as the day still consists of just 24 hours and the internet still does not charge to NSFW guess muffs, Money McBags’ time is short.

In reality, and unfortunately, Money McBags simply has shit to do for the man.  As the great Italo Svevo opined in Zeno’s Conscience: “Complete freedom consists of being able to do what you like, provided you also do something you like less.” And unfortunately, this is one of those times where Money McBags has to do something he likes less.

So instead of regaling all of you with jokes about Spain and Portugal going more bankrupt than John Edwards’ morals, about the Eurozone’s unemployment rate rising to its highest level since Lady Godiva kept workers off the job with her prancing about, and about Europe’s anti-trust investigation in to GOOG (and after seeing how Europe handled the bank stress tests, Money McBags anti-trusts anything they do), Money McBags only has time to remind you that KITD is bouncing back strong, that you should never answer the phone in the middle of an important work meeting, and that Kelly Brook is whatever is beyond delightful (perhaps cocklicious).

Money McBags may have something late night on 12/1/10, but more likely back with a column on 12/2/10.  But if you need a Money McBags fix, simply check out the archives as surely you missed a day (or a Lucy Pinder) here or there.

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