Money McBags is not going to have a full column tonight as he is burned the fuck out after the last three days of producing more material than Gabourey Sidibe‘s Oscar dress maker while scratching his head over all of the dip buying.

Instead of a column today, Money McBags hit the twitter and gave snippets of what he would have dick joked about had his Broca’s Area not decided to broke-a down (see, look how awful that pun is).  If you don’t follow Money McBags on the twitter (though why wouldn’t you?), below is the shit you missed.

Teabag Prty try to repeal fin reg also try to remove levees in new orl & make Ishtar only film in Natl Flm Reg vault

STVI collects $3.8MM cash on $2.8MM rev business plan madoff would love. j/k, SEC/FASB/NAMBLA rev recog. acctg at wrk
TMRK continues to rally, remember to tip your analyst, but please don’t tip the cows stock getting pricey. news?
MS says “GM potential to 1 day produce earnings & cash flow to justify valuation closer to $100 than $50.” unfortunately, that day is 4/1.
MCO raises ests. cites heavy U.S. debt issuance & demand for junk bonds. junk company should know junk bonds (jay leno joke of the day)
new claims for unemployment 409k, guesses for 400k, last week revised up 3k, but everything is ok, so the buy the fucking dip (sarcasm)
retail sales 3.1%, below guesses of 3.4%. snowstorm and soup shortages hurt numbers

First the facebook, & now linkedin rumored to be IPOing. Wake MMB when NSFW hires bankers

Money McBags will be back tomorrow to break down the NFP report (which he expects to be a fuckload better than the 175k estimated as it has been telegraphed worse than a morse code message from a parkinson’s sufferer), to shed light on the movers of the day (and hopefully one of those movers will be Rachael Cordingley), and most importantly, and as always, to love some NSFW strangers.

If any of you have questions, stocks you want Money McBags to look in to, or outtakes from the Natalie Portman-Mila Kunis Black Swan love scene, Money McBags can always be reached at or in the comments section.

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