Dear Readers,

Money McBags has moved the award winning When Genius Prevailed to this quaint new home as a way to better serve all of you.  There are a couple of  reasons for this move:

1.  Money McBags wanted to own the url.  Having blogspot in the title was frankly getting to be more embarrassing than going long LEH in 2007 or getting caught wearing white after Labor Day.  So now Money McBags owns the url which he is sure one day will be worth a ton of dong.

2.  Blogger simply didn’t have the functionality Money McBags wanted.

That said, Money McBags is no web designer (in fact the only time he has manipulated the design of a web page is when he misses the kleenex and hits the screen while watching the very NSFW spankwire, guessing muffs (especially 1776s), or one of his small cap stocks puts up a huge quarter), so the look of the site may be in a bit of flux for the next few days.  It is all very unclear right now.

What is clear is that the content won’t change as Money McBags will continue to take finance top down and bottoms up in order to provide you with detailed stock analysis, market recaps, and all of the dick jokes you can handle.

So feel free to provide input on the new site, what you like, what you don’t like, and what you think Sofia Vergara would like.

Money McBags has several treats in store for you on this new site, so tell a friend, tell an enemy, but most of all, tell Lucy Pinder.

And remember to have your pets spayed or neutered as you look for the right price in the market but more importantly, remember to bookmark this new URL.

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