With nothing happening today in the market, Money McBags decided to use the Twitter to get his market on in 140 characters or fewer (and none of the characters were Humbert Humbert, Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, or Mr. Horton).  Below is what you may have missed:

1.  MMB back tomorrow. spent today shoveling, wondering who keeps giving AIG cash, and buying Hef gift for his new bride http://fxn.ws/glPm3j

2.  AIG gets lines from 30 banks http://bit.ly/fJ7APb in order to repay those banks. also being sued by ponzi family for trademark infringement.

3.  KIRK moving up. either result of JAS take out for ~8x EBITDA http://bit.ly/gDWQO2 or strong sales of Creation Prints http://bit.ly/iaHAYH

4. China raises rates http://bit.ly/eHNM94. rumor is China policy moves could be more frontloaded in 2011 than Mimi Rogers http://bit.ly/fkY0Ug
Money McBags will likely be back with a full column tomorrow, weather and NSFW muff guessing permitting.
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