Dear Readers and those just looking for more Kayla Collins pics,

Money McBags apologizes for not getting out a column tonight and for not having any macro updates this week (though he did post his titriffic interview with CRUS’ CEO on Monday and a deep dive in to QCOR on Wednesday that made the sell side analysts who cover the company look like, well, like sell side analysts).

Unfortunately Money McBags was not gleefully buying the dip today, rather he was traveling while also developing an acute case of what he believes in the medical world is called “ass pissing.”  Yes, that is right.  He doesn’t know if he ate something tainted or viewed one too many Paris Hilton pics, but most of his spare time today when not in transit was spent watching all kinds of bodily fluids (and he stresses fluids) furiously shoot out of his rectum.

Anyway, he hopes to be back tomorrow with a break down of the jobs report, but in the meantime, those of you with Netflix (which Money McBags assumes is all of you in order to get to NFLX’s Bernankity multiple), should take this brief respite on the award winning When Genius Prevailed to watch the delightful Room In Rome which can now be viewed instantly.  So love some strangers while Money McBags tries to be able to hold some food down long enough to shit all over the NFP jobs report tomorrow.

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