That’s right, Money McBags is off until Wednesday, unplugged like a high frequency trading system during the “flash crash” (though far less nefarious), as he tries to find the meaning of life.  He is pretty sure the meaning of life involves accelerating sales, low discount rates, and plenty of Hayley Atwell, but he needs to find out for sure.

While he’s out, he’s also pondering ways to make When Genius Prevailed better for his readers (though making When Genius Prevailed better is a bit like making an inelastic demand curve more vertical, Greece’s balance sheet more fucked, or the BLS’s birth-death model plug for their jobs report even more fictitious).

Improvements may include more stock analysis, more frequent (though potentially shorter) posts, and a special scratch and sniff section (don’t worry, Paris Hilton’s hooha and WGO stock will be excluded from that section due to their potential to cause anosmia).

Given that, if you have any feedback Money McBags would find it most useful as he’s trying to figure out who his readers are and what they like best (and royal blumpkins is not an acceptable answer). 

If there are stocks you’d like analyzed, suggestions for the site, or even just some positive feedback, either:

1.  Leave a comment below
2.  Email me at
3.  Send Money McBags a strippergram with your thoughts
4.  See #3

And comments can be anything from making fun of the abortionally bad and pedestrian site design, taking aim at Money McBags’ horrendous grammar, or simply requesting more Kelly Brook.

See you Wednesday with more market summaries, stock analysis, and if we’re lucky, even a Golden Girls joke or two (like what’s the difference between Betty White and Bea Arthur?  A hearbeat.).

Bottoms Up,

Money McBags

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