Money McBags apologizes for not being able to get to a weekend report over the past couple of days but he was not only busy serving as a special mediator for the budget crisis (and unfortunately they didn’t take his solution of all going to fuck themselves), but he was also completely mesmerized by this video to the point that he has spent over 72 hours now trying to derive the etymology of each phrase and the language of origin (though he believes much of the song comes from the 1869 Harvard Entrance Exam).

Anyway, not much shit happened on Friday other than oil prices surged after more fighting in Libya (which is bad news for most Americans whose wages remain flatter than a plagiocephalists’ head, but good news for the Fed since it won’t change how they’re not fighting inflation), gold spiked to record levels (and if you follow Money McBags on the Facebook or the Twitter you know he alerted readers that these spiking gold prices caused Mr. T’s neck to become the richest American, though Money McBags pities the fool who thinks those gold chains are real), and the Femen Movement finally got their Facebook page re-instated.  So it’s not like you missed a ton of shit by not having a full Money McBags column (though you may have missed some Ali Sonoma).

As for this week, Money McBags is shooting to be back on his normal schedule of a column per day with Friday’s report coming sometime over the weekend but Wednesday may be a bit difficult as he has some shit he needs to take care of and unfortunately that shit doesn’t involve meeting up with the polyamorous one and trying to get to the bottom of l’affair de Sokol or the bottom of this.  If you have pressing questions, links for the column, or just want to say hi, Money McBags can always be reached at (but please no more cock shots).

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