Money McBags was out all day wearing his monkey suit to dance for the organ grinder so did he miss anything?

Holy fucking shit did the market get tossed like Gracie Glam in Whatabooty 8 thanks to new claims for unemployment claiming a lot more people are unemfuckingployed, China’s export growth slowing as Cream of Sum Young Gai is now made locally, and Spain’s rating being cut by Moody’s from “you’re fucked” to “no really, you’re fucked.”  It was enough to cause fund managers to run for safe assets, small investors to forget to buy the dip, and Trannies to brawl.

Anyway, Money McBags promises he will be back in his mom’s basement tomorrow to catch all of you up on the news, look at SAAS’ Q (and at first glance, it was a lot of “meh” but with really strong fucking bookings, which is fine because this is a 3 to 5 year story), and wonder why it took NASA so long to find alien life (since if they really wanted to find it all they had to do was look in Lindsay Lohan‘s twat).

Money McBags apologizes for columns the past couple of weeks being more touch and go than Eric Massa at a rest stop but unfortunately he has had shit to do.  There may be one more week as sporadic as the last two in terms of macro updates (though Money McBags has still produced a shit load of small cap research including his ~2,400 word tome to COOL yesterday, so um, yeah, even when Money McBags is busy he is still killing it for all of you for nothing more than your adulation and his lack of sanity), but after that, Money McBags should be back pounding out daily columns in ways that will make Warren Buffett glad he is a polyamorous.  So hang in there and enjoy the shoot.

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