Money McBags is going to be off for most of this week as at the last minute he decided to fly West for a spring break, and unlike the only other almost vacation he has taken in the nearly year and a half of writing the award winning When Genius Prevailed, he has sworn that this won’t be another bustman‘s holiday.  As a result, his time on the internet is going to be more limited than Gary Coleman’s kidney so he apologizes for that since he knows you all require your daily dose of dick jokes with a bit of market analysis sprinkled in for the kids.

Money McBags may be back on Friday, but will hopefully have something out this weekend where he will answer many of the rumors about him that seem to have been swirling on different sites over the past few weeks.  Plus, KITD’s CEO has said he will answer Money McBags’ questions sometime soon, so Money McBags will post those as soon as he receives them (could be tomorrow, could be Friday, could be “just kidding, now go fuck yourself” day.   The ball is no longer in Money McBags’ court on that one).

So take these few days to fuck around in the archives, email Money McBags questions (he will still be hitting up email on his blackberry as that has not been banned, so he will do his best to get back to you), and enjoy some soothing music to help you get through what will likely be a choppy market without Money McBags’ column to make you feel a bit better.

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