Hi-anus, hiatus.  Potato, puhtatao.  The point is Money McBags is still going to be away for a bit, and trust him, this hurts him more than a purple nurple from Janet Yellen (though one should ask Dick Fisher for the exact details).  There is a slim chance Money McBags will be back with a column on Tuesday or Wednesday, but there is also a slim chance WGO is worth more than $7.50 or Brooklyn Decker is fellating Money McBags as he types this, so just hang in there for a few more days.

Once again, Money McBags apologizes to his loyal readers for this break in the action.  He’d really like to pontificate on the bombing of Libya (and Money McBags hears the allies will bomb worse than the Situation at the Trump Roast, or Money McBags on the phone with CRUS’s CEO), the supposed stabilization of Japanese nuclear reactors (and Money McBags hears they are about as stable as Francium or Lindsay Lohan‘s career), or the Big East eating more dick in the NCAA tournament than Nina Hartley in the 1980s.  Unfortunately, he is in a bit of a fire drill and just doesn’t have the bandwidth.

As always, if you have quick questions, Money McBags can be reached at moneymcbags@gmail.com, but as always, please, no cock shots.

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