Dear Readers,

Money McBags had a minor and planned medical procedure today (nowhere near as useful as this) that unfortunately caused him to be knocked the fuck out and while he thought he could quickly shake off the cobwebs and get out a column on KITD, he wound up spending from 2pm to ~8pm drooling all over himself while soundly dreaming of both his position in RICK’s and his taking a position in this, so there will be no analysis today.  And just to show how woozy he was, he thinks that he saw KITD was down ~5%, but that clearly can’t be the fucking case because they made a titastic acquisition and are cheaper than pens in Chile, so his faculties must not be back to their fullest right now.

So while Money McBags thought he would be able to get to a break down of KITD’s acquisition today, his neurological system simply did not want to cooperate.  He did just finish going through the tranny from their call and despite being almost as long as The Magic Mountain (and only slightly less dry), the transcript seemed hunky fucking dory.  So for those of you hitting Money McBags up and asking WTF is going on with KITD, he really has no fucking idea.  Just about everything looked good to him and he bought at the open yesterday and well, that sucked in the short-term, but whatever.  Money McBags’ opinion has not changed and if anything he has become more positive, but the way this bitch is trading is more confusing than a photocopier, so it is what it is for now.

Anyway, Money McBags’ goal is to get out a daily report tomorrow and then a full fledged analysis of KITD Friday or over the weekend.  And then next week he finally promises to address all of the rumors that have been going around the internet about the future of the award winning When Genius Prevailed and whether or not Natalie Portman is really having Money McBags’ love child (though the short answer is, love was never involved).

To the pain,

Money McBags

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